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Concealer Matte

BX Minerals Matte series concealers have more intensive masking, is made of natural minerals and do not contain any allergenic or irritating components. Perfectly protects the skin from the harmful effects of (UVA and UVB) sun. SPF 20. Especially suitable for skin affected by Pink and Acnes, as it not only perfectly masks, but also treats the skin. The concealer has a more creamy consistency than the make-up foundation matte, so it perfectly masks even small scars or other skin lesions, and gives a matte shade.

Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, sericite, white clay, mica, rose powder, rice powder. Amount: 5 g. Packed in 50 ml. sifter locking jars, which prevents access of the minerals to the cap, so it is convenient to use not only at home, but also when traveling.

Instructions for use: add a small amount of minerals to the cap and rub the minerals into the concealer brush in a circular motion. Apply the masker only on clean and dry skin. Mask only the necessary areas, pressing the brush firmly to the desired area and lightly dispersing the minerals. It is recommended to use before the make-up foundation. The make-up foundation can also be used in non-Matte series.

Matte Bisk - suitable for any skin color.
Matte Summer - suitable for medium-dark and / or darker skin.



BX Minerals Matte Bisk concealer big
BX Minerals Matte Summer concealer big














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