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BX Minerals MATTE

BX Minerals MATTE series features more intense masking, but at the same time remains all 100% natural! It is a line of mineral products without preservatives, oils, fragrances, chemicals and other skin allergenic or irritating ingredients. This is a new and great alternative in BX Minerals cosmetics for those, who needs stronger masking! Using our range of mineral products, your skin will become healthier, more youthful, you will be able to enjoy make-up from morning to evening, every day! We are always ready to offer you only quality products, because:

• Our minerals are safe to use for every skin type.
• Perfect results are easily and quickly achieved.
• Protects skin from harmful sun rays that increase the risk of skin cancer and increase wrinkles, SPF 15+
• Prevents the skin from drying out, allows your skin to breathe normally.
• Has anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it can be used even after cosmetic surgery, skin cleansing and so on.
• Remains throughout the day, ensuring maximum masking.
• It is water-resistant mineral cosmetics, so you can enjoy make-up even in rainy weather, in the gym and so on.
• Perfectly masks skin imperfections, evens out complexion.
• Perfectly distributed on the face, no matter how many layers will be applied.
• Do not clog pores!
• Gives a matte effect to the skin.
• It is dry and inorganic cosmetics, so various bacteria do not develop in it.
• Not tested on animals.

BX Minerals MATTE line consists of:

















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